Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lost in Space

I had a space cadet moment as a mom and went a good 20 minutes completely forgetting my baby. Now in the land of motherhood 20 minutes might as well be an eternity with small children an babies. The amount of trouble a kid can get into in 20 minutes of mind numbingly scary.
I had gone out to feed the animals and came back in on got on to my favorite site and got lost in the land of blogging when I realized that I had not even heard a peep out of Landon. I had a pounding in my chest, one, for mommy guilt for not even paying attention to my helpless little bundle of joy and two, fear that he had rolled off to some far corner of the living room and was chewing on a beetle or something dreadful like that.

So I whirled around and found him happy as a clam lying in front of the love seat falling in love with another one of his brothers toys. He had a green, Kawasaki, two stroke, with working shocks and broken kick stand motor cycle. (aren't you impressed with my detailed recreational vehicle knowledge?) I looked over at him and he gave me the biggest grin and little baby coo imaginable. He was in love. In that moment I realized I had slipped on the list of favorite things, to be be replaced by a piece of plastic, undoubtedly made in China. What's a mother to do?


Kristin said...

Thank goodness for motorcycle babysitters, it's a love/hate relationship. I hear ya!

Connie said...

Something about metal and wheels just gets to the guys. Looks like Landon is right on target with the other men in the family. He is such sweet baby, I want to just squeeze him. Give him a hug from me please.

Megan and Craig said...

What's wrong with chewing on beetles? :) Luckily Micah's tastes have changed, now he prefers crumbs in the kitchen (gross). Landon is so adorable, I just want to squeeze him!