Thursday, January 22, 2009

Babyproofing begins

Landon finally did it. He was a good boy and waited until I took the Christmas tree down and then started to crawl. I was on of those terrible mommies that pushes her child down when he tried to crawl. For all you old time mommies you will understand. There really is no hurry for a child to become mobile or vocal! It just leads to more gray hairs and wrinkles. I know there are those of you out there tsking at me as you read this, but come on, he is my third, and why create more work for myself! Enough reasoning, because he went and learned to crawl anyway. I must admit that there are few cuter things in this world than a diaper bum crawling away from you doing that little side to side wiggle. You just can't resist it, unless it is cocked and loaded with stink, then you are glad it is crawling away from you. is a little video of him crawling after the two big kids in his effort to keep up.


Megan said...

Landon looks so cute crawling now. That was very considerate of him to wait till Christmas was over! I know what you mean, each new step of independence brings both a feeling of excitment and regret that they are growing up.

Kristin said...

awesome, who needs to join a gym when you have a crawler into everything!