Thursday, December 11, 2008

That crazy tounge!

Landon has been teething for about 4 months now with no pearly white results yet. His teeth have to be coming down the shoot soon because he has started sticking his tiny baby tongue out all the time like a little lizard. I can't believe how fast he is growing and changing. It is a little sad that my baby is now getting teeth and rolling around the floor. I even caught him trying to crawl today. I am sssssooooooo not ready for a mobile baby.

But just look at this little innocent face! He wouldn't eat my plant and pull all the books off the shelf and eat pieces of lint off the floor would he! Not that little innocent chubby cheek boy? No it's not possible. He wouldn't do that to me would he?


connie hall said...

Arrrrrrgh, Matey's!

Megan and Craig said...

It sounds like you are in denial there! I'll wait for your desperate phone call when he eats a bug or spills curry powder on your carpet. Oh wait, that was MY baby! Cute pictures (and what a cute outfit, where DO you shop?)