Monday, December 1, 2008

Stuffing the Bird or Ourselves!

We had such a great Thanksgiving Day. It was the Gardner's turn this year, but my mother-in-law was out of town with my sister-in-law because she had her baby. Imagine the nerve to have a baby around Thanksgiving! I am sure she was just making some serious room for more turkey! Just kidding! We love you Alli!

So, with everyone else out of town, we had my Father-in-law come down and spend the day with us. It was the most laid back Thanksgiving I think I have ever had. I didn't stress about my house being perfectly decorated or cleaned, that's the great thing about guys, they don't notice if you don't dust or clean around the toilet with a bleach covered toothbrush. They just want food and a couch to crash on after the feeding frenzy. We had the usual Thanksgiving fair potatoes, gravy, yams, rolls, cranberry sauce, jello, and of course turkey.

I braved having the kids help me with the pies the day before and I must admit that I cheated big time and bought store bought crust. That is a mistake I will not make again, even if it is easier with kids. It was the ugliest looking apple pie in the history of apple pies. I would show a picture of it, but I am sure it would have broken my camera had I gotten over my disgust enough to take a picture. I must say the filling was divine. So I just picked around the rubber crust and ate the filling. That is my favorite part anyway.

After stuffing ourselves the kids talked Grandpa into playing the Wii. Even though he had never heard of a Wii, he still managed to kick some serious kid bootie in bowling. By the time he left he was almost to John McEnroe status in tennis. (minus the sassy mouth, my father-in-law is not what I would call sassy. Witty is more like it.)

While all the boys were playing games, Addison and I set up a puzzle and started working on it. 1000 piece puzzles are not the best idea with a 7 year old. She had lots of enthusiasm in the beginning, but I lost her before we even got the border complete. It is still sitting there, and I am not sure how long Logan will be able to resist playing puzzle confetti.

We can't wait for the leftover's! No leftovers taste as good as Thanksgiving leftovers.
All in all we had a blast and put the kids to bead early and started the Christmas season off with the traditional viewing of A Christmas Story, how can you resist Ralphie and his beloved Red Rider BB gun with the compass in the stock!

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Megan and Craig said...

Sounds like a fun thanksgiving. Not having to worry as much about cleaning IS a great thing about boys!