Monday, December 15, 2008

Best Christmas Present ever!

It started snowing here on Saturday night and the kids were sooooooooo excited. They rushed to bed with excitement only seen on Chrismtas Eve. They were passing the seconds to be able to bundle up in all their snow clothes and run out into the winter wonderland and frolic as only kids can do in the snow. They were not to happy when we said we had to go to church first. But the second we got out of the car from church they were tearing for the house to change. We did manage to get them to eat a little lunch before going out, then they were off for 5 hours of sledding fun. We all ended up at the neighbors house sledding and enjoying a campfire.

It was all frolic and fun until Logan got whacked in the eye with a tree branch and was handed to me a crying, snotty, frozen popsicle. (in I am sure was the first stages of hypothermia) His coat was hard as a rock. I did manage to get him home and warm. He ate like a logger and then crashed on the couch for about an hour.

This is our crazy-man neighbor Neil pulling the kids around on an old truck hood with a golf cart, and yes there is a kid on the back instead of golf bags. Is that red-neck or what! It is so great to live in the sticks. What city kid can say they have experienced that kind of fun!

There is nothing more beautiful that Christmas snow. It makes the world look so clean and peaceful. My favorite part of snow is the silence it creates. It is peaceful and and a little eerie.

Me and my baby girl out in the snow. She hates is when I call her my baby girl, because she thinks she is a big girl now. But what she does not know, is that when she is 40 I will still think of her as my baby girl! Mother's are so pesky that way!

My poor animals are not liking the arctic blast at all. It completely disrupts their daily routine. The goats looked like snow covered puff balls. They did get extra feed, so I think that makes up for it.

That is definitely not his happy face, that's for sure.


Megan and Craig said...

Beautiful pics, you got a lot more snow than we did! They say lots more tonight... BTW, we watched White Christmas last night and thought of you!

Kristin said...

Great pictures, we too think it is beautiful and fun...I can't help but wonder how I'm going to finish getting Christmas shopping done...