Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Daddy and Logan thought it was about time to remove the noisy training wheels on his bike. They started off and Logan took to it like he had always ridden without help. Everything physical comes easy to Logan. I have never seen a kid more confident in the abilities of his body. But that somtimes leads to a little over confidence. After 15 minutes of riding he said to us, "I want to try and pop a wheely!" We both laughed and said sure thing...

So the next day we decided to go for a walk and Logan wanted to ride his bike. I said ok and we took of. Logan like a rocket, with repeated warnings to slow down, lead the pack. And what all mom's are suspecting, he bit it right on the oil/gravel road. He jumped up with cuts on his knee and elbow, took one look at me and screamed. The bike ride/walk came to a quick end and this is what we ended up with. A sad, bloody little puppy!

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