Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hall Family Reunion II

We got together over Labor Day weekend for another Hall family reunion, for those who could not go to Wenatchee with us. It was fun to see everyone and take pictures. We had do dodge rain showers through the whole thing, but I guess that is life in Washington. Aunt Effie (91) was is rare form that day. I asked if she was doing her garden this year and she said, "NO!! I don't do nothin but sit around!" This is the same Aunt who said she would be dead before last summers reunion. She is a hoot. The kids had fun playing on the playground and seeing all the family.

Alena was so cute climbing up on the benches. This was too sweet to not capture.

Uncle Rich had a fun time getting to see all the kids and how much they have grown.

All the cousins had fun playing together and munching on all the desserts. It was a good day! Family is the best!

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