Saturday, February 18, 2012

Snow Days

A few weeks ago we got a wee (biggest snowstorm in 40 years) bit of snow. The first day was fun good snow, but then it turned ugly as most Washington snow does.

 Landon and Skipper decided to brave the 18 inches of snow, even though both of them do not have legs that are even 18 inches long.
 The wind drifted all over the place and this is what it did to the snow on our picnic table. It is amazing how the wind will shape and mold the snow in weird shapes.
 This is our back fence where most of the snow drifted. It was an amazing site for sure.
 Our poor heat pump was a solid chunk of ice. I am not even sure how it managed to work and heat our house. We were really lucky and only lost power for 1 hour. We had friends further up north that were without power for almost a week. One friend said she felt like a pioneer.
 The kids only were able to play in the snow the first day, but they made sure to make use of their time. Then it was inside for hot cocoa and cookies. The dogs both loved the snow. They were so excited to run around and chase the kids through the snow. Skipper rolled all over the place and had a blast. By Friday of that week we were all sporting a big case of cabin fever! We finally dug out on Friday morning and went to town for some bowling and dinner. It felt great to get out!
The snow was lovely and fun until the rain came and made a 1/2" layer of ice on top of the snow. It made it impossible to walk in and all of our trees took a beating. We lost several trees in the pasture due to the heavy load of ice. It was a pretty scary sound to hear trees snapping all over the place. Thankfully we do not have any large trees near the house. Other than being cooped up for a week we were prepared and good.


Anna said...

That is what our winter is supposed to look like, but winter seems to have skipped us this year, I guess you got ours instead.

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

This is very typical for a winter here in KY. Not this year though...... well not yet anyway. The ice is always the worse part of these storms. Glad y'all stayed warm and were able to get out and enjoy it a little.

tammy said...

Oh wow. You really got hit. My son would be in heaven!

Connie said...

That was a freaky storm. You guys got it a lot worse than we did. Love the picture of Landon blazing a trail for Skipper.