Thursday, September 29, 2011

Summer Garden

With yet another cool, wet summer on our hands we are still waiting for the garden to finish up for the year. I am hoping for a few more good days of sun so the pumpkins can ripen and the corn finish.

 Everything grew great this year, but we are not seeing a whole lot of fruit for our labor yet. Things look a bit of a mess because we pack that garden as tight as we can with lots of different things. The wild looking flowers are from some cilantro I planted a couple years ago. It volunteers each year and comes up all over the place. It looks wild, but smells divine. I will have lots of lovely coriander to use this winter. Yummy.
 The kids and I planted sunflowers in with the corn and it has worked out perfect. The corn helps support the heavy stalks and they just look so cute and happy. Although the other day we had TONS of rain and they had their poor heads turned to the ground and looked so sad. Here's to sun for sure!
 We have zucchini coming out our ears and they are very large this year. I think I mistakenly bought a different variety than normals because these are much harder and more pumpkin like on the inside. I baked a  Chocolate Zucchini Cake and it was so divine. Now I just need to shred this basket and get it in the freezer so I can make lots of yummies over the winter.
I did manage to uncover a couple yummy cucumbers too. They were so flavorful and crisp. My mouth is watering thinking about it!

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