Saturday, September 17, 2011

1st Day of School

The kids actually started school on September 1st, but I am just getting around to posting about it. They are in 5th, 3rd & Pre-School this year. I even have 4 hours a week to myself. I can't believe it. I really thought this day would never come in all my years of feeding bottles and changing diapers. I think I could get used to this stage of life.

This is them getting ready to head out. I take the older two  to school and Landon gets to ride the cute little bus to preschool. I think the bus is his FAVORITE part of the day. He is quite grumpy when I have to pick him up. They don't have enough time to bring him home, so I pick him up. He pitched a big fit  at me the other day and thought that if he just didn't look at me he would get to ride on the bus. It was too cute. 
 I told Logan and Landon to lay out their clothes for the first day of school and this is what I found on the floor of their room.For once they actually did exactly what It told them to do.

Things went well and we are back on schedule. I am the one having a bit of a fit about school starting. I was SOOOOO not ready for summer to be over. It was WAY to short around here.


Connie said...

The look on Landon's face is so adorable, he is beyond excited. Contrast that with Addison's look, not quite as excited. Good luck to a all three this school year.

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Love how they laid out their clothes WITH shoes.. HA!... so cute.

Anna said...

The way their clothes are laid out like that so reminds me of someone, did Cameron used to do that?