Monday, May 2, 2011

It's Great to be 8!

Today is my little Logan's 8th birthday! He is a busy kid with LOTS of energy. He is smart, funny, and great at all sports. He loves everyone with his full heart and is a very generous kid. He is also our family comedian and always has us in stitches.

Logan loves to learn about new things and remembers almost everything he is taught. His big brown eyes are going to be lady killers one day, but for now girls are icky to him. He loves to play outside, dig in the dirt and play in the water. He is always looking for a nice big hole to dig and then fill with water.

I just love this boy with all my heart. He is growing into such a great young man. He loves his siblings and (most) of the time is a great example to them. His teacher recently told me he is the hit of the class and everyone wants to be Logan's partner. She also said he is so great about staying on task and not getting distracted by other students. What a boy!

Logan is my hardest working child too. He LOVES to help us with the garden and has recently discovered that mowing the lawn is really fun. He is my one kid who will go out into the garden with a bucket and bring in anything that is ripe, whether I am ready for them or not! :) He is a gardener for sure!
He is so excited to be turning 8 because he now gets to be baptized into our church. He had his interview with his Dad (who is the Bishop of our ward) and Robb was so proud of the knowledge that Logan has gained in the past few years. He listens so much more than we think he does, and so much of the knowledge sticks. I love that as a parent.

We are so lucky to have someone as great as Logan in our family. We love is energy and the fun he brings to our family.

Happy Birthday Logan!


Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Happy Birthday to Logan!!! Such a cute mommy/son pic. too. Congratulations on his upcoming baptism as well. Very proud moment for the family I'm sure. Looks like he's big enough to start pushing the mower as well. I can't believe how many people I know with May birthdays!

Connie said...

He is a great kid for sure. I can't wait to see him play baseball on Saturday and then see him be baptized.

I might add that I haven't seen much crafting and recipes (or much blogging at all)coming from your blog. I need some inspiration or motivation or some energy, anything will do. Get with it with all of your spare time now you have been released from youR calling. NO MORE EXCUSES.

The Pettijohn's said...

Hi! I am a new follower from
http://vincentchristinewyatt.blogspot. Happy Birthday to your son.

Rebekah said...

Just thought it was neat, i went the next blog and ur came up! What was neat, is that u guys r LDS so we! just nice to see a LDS family.