Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Easter Saturday

This year we decided to celebrate Easter on Saturday. As luck would have it, it was the nicest day of the year so far. We made a great choice, as Sunday is dark, gray, and rainy. So we headed out to Grandma's for a day of yummy food, treats, and Easter egg hunts for the kiddos.

While the kids where decorating Easter cookies, the Dad's all headed out to play Easter bunny with the plastic eggs.
Addison is ready for her own Food Network show on cookie decorating. She was so meticulous with hers that they turned out to be edible creations.

It was wild and crazy times with sprinkles flying everywhere and knives of frosting constantly being licked by little tongues. So in other words, it was a total success.

And the hunt begins. We did let the little kids out first and then the older kids had to answer a scripture question by Uncle Jason before they could head out the door for their loot.

Logan was moving so fast that this was the best shot of him that was not blurry. A man on a candy mission right there.

Landon had so much fun gathering eggs and getting a good haul of booty. He would get excited at each and every egg he found.

Little Dawson (my youngest brother's baby) was the hit of the day. Isn't she the most adorable little thing with her cute pink shirt and bare feet. She is a little young to know the treasures that await her inside the egg. She was more interested in biting her new little chompers into the egg than the candy.

Even Skipper and Duncan had a great time running around the yard together. Skipper had to run at full speed to stay ahead of Duncan because he is so small. It was a pretty funny sight.


Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Indeed you had a beautiful day for it! I see that lovely sunshine. Looks like lots of fun for the kids. I miss egg hunts. My kiddo's are too big for that now. :O( Enjoy it, it goes by so fast!

It is a dark day here as well. We have had some of the most wicked storms in a long while. We've been in the basement alot with all these tornado warnings. We had one touch down on the ground not far from us and let me just say.. I am holding my breath. We are in for more bad weather tonight and this week. I'm glad to see your weather is improving. I see the green grass and buds on the trees. It's gorgeous here with the exception of these storms.

Megan said...

Saturday was a beautiful day! Fun Easter pictures. I like the new look for your blog!