Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boys of Summer

Yesterday was opening day for our little towns baseball league. Logan decided he wanted to play this year so we signed him up for coach pitch and away we went. Robb took him to the opening ceremonies that introduced all the teams and players. Logan has loved getting all new gear and being the center of attention for a while. Being the middle child he tends to get left out of things, so this has been great for him. Logan is in the middle in front of his coach Gina.

We all bundled up in our warmest coats and headed to the field for his first game. His team did great at his the ball really well. Logan cracked several off on the first pitch and took off.

His other teammates got him around to 3rd base, where Robb was the base coach. Here they are having a little Father/Son bonding time.

Here he is coming into home plate. Somehow I managed to catch him mid run so it looks like he is running on air. As fast as he is sometimes, I wonder if that is what he does.

At one point in the game he looked up at his Dad and said, "I am having so much fun!" That makes it all worth it in the end, because isn't that what kid's sports should be all about, FUN!


Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

oh that is awesome...the simple things in life, your son's abilities, everyone laughing an enjoying themselves, and of course your hubby's words of happiness...makes for perfect memories!!! come by for a visit and guess my mystery if you have time today. :)

Jeul said...

Great pictures. I loved the one with your son in the air, very cool. My son is also starting baseball soon, I'm hoping we don't have to bundle up though.

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

That last paragraph says it all!!

Connie said...

Logan is one talented athlete. He seems to take to it so naturally. Way to go Logan.

Longstride said...

nice. i never played baseball my whole life lol =P

wendy said...

Having raised 4 sons, I spent many many spring's at the ball diamond. Loved every minute of it. MISS IT.
Some of the boys were GOOD, some mediocre and one sucked (tee,hee) but I was PROUD momma to see them out there.
did I mention