Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Addition to the Farm

Sorry for being such a post slacker this month. I have been busy and lost a little of my blogging mojo for some reason. But, I am back and have lots to post about, starting with this little cutie pie.
I have been wanting a little dog for the house for a while now and have been searching for over a month. I first tried doing the rescue thing, but after filling out several LENGTHY applications where I had to practically give away my children before I ever thought of getting rid of the dog. I applied for several dogs and was denied for one reason or another. I finally found one and they adopted it out from under me. I was going to pick the dog up on Friday and someone took her on Wednesday. I was NOT HAPPY! I really think they should let you know ahead of time that the dog could go before you get there. Anyhoo, I just quit the whole rescue thing and and started looking for a breeder.

I found a lady in the paper and found out she new my next door neighbor, go figure. We headed out in the snow with the munchkins and found this little guy. His name is Skipper and he is a black and tan Pomeranian. He is 7 months old and so much fun, and did I mention he is cute? This is so great because the breeder taught him everything, so we don't have too. He is socialized, potty trained, and good with kids, cats, and other dogs.
He fits right in and acts like he has lived here all his life. He loves the kids and lets them do just about anything to him. He even slept on the foot of our bed last night. He has my husband wrapped around his tiny little paw and even road on my husbands lap this morning in the car.

He is a quirky little thing too. He eats his food one kibble at a time and takes it over to the carpet to eat, he never eats at his dish. Too funny. He also tries to bury his snacks in the carpet by pawing like he is digging a hole and then uses his nose to try and cover it up. I am sure he is wondering why the carpet doesn't seem to cover his treasure. Funny boy. Welcome to the farm Skipper.


Verde Farm said...

He is absolutely precious!! Sorry you had such a time with the rescues--that terrible. Shouldn’t be that hard and awful they adopted out from under you.
Skipper is so sweet and already trained? How can you beat that. We have 3 indoor dogs and my little chihuahua is my husband’s baby. She absolutely loves him and vice versa. What a great addition to you wonderful family :)
Hugs, Amy

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Hey Post Slacker... HA!

Skipper is quite the cuttie! Little dogs are just so sweet and they love to cuddle. I bet the kids just love him! Very nice that he's already trained.

tammy said... cute! I almost ended up with a third dog this weekend, but thought better of it.

It's crazy how much rescue shelters put you through, and how they'd rather give dogs to people without kids. Stupid in my opinion. There are a lot of good homes out there that they're passing over.

Mandy said...

Oh I love him! I want to hold him, too! So cute!

Megan said...

congrats on the new puppy! You guys will have so much fun with him!

Boyd Family said...

My girls will have a freak out when they see Skipper. We go to the shelter at least once a week so they can get their puppy fix. He is so cute. If I could get one that was already trained, that would be half the battle. Fun for you guys!!

Anna said...

So, are you going to teach him to herd goats?