Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fur Babies

Last week we had a few nice days of sunshine and of course I headed out to spend a little time with the goats. They are so fun to go out and play with, they love to be scratched. They also love to climb in my lap and get some pets. Here is Maddie getting a back rub and loving it.

Here is baby Kat hanging out on one of the spools. She loves to have her picture taken and is such a good girl about waiting for me to get the shot I want. Looks like I need to do some painting this summer on the spools.

Here is Landon handleing Sunna. I wanted to get a picture of them together with her looking at me, so Landon decided to help me turn her head, but she though he was scratching her and insisted on standing perfectly still.

Here are brother and sister, Rocket and Kat. Cute pair for sure.

Maddie & Duke hanging out on the slide.

They are so much fun to hang out with. Hope we have lots more sunny days in the future.


Kelle said...

So cute, thanks for sharing! We're now looking into dairy goats breeds. This is fun, it's taken several yearsto convince my Dh about goats though.


Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Ah, they are just so cute! It's funny to see them playing. Do they go down the slide?

Megan said...

It always makes me smile to see what your goats are up to! I hope these sunny days last as well.