Monday, July 5, 2010

Puppy Sitting

We are having so much fun watching our neighbors little Yorke named Sadie. Isn't she cute?
She is just the sweetest little bundle of energy. She is such a little diva. She loves to play with the kids. Her favorite place to be is on my bed!
She also LOVES to ride in the car and stick her head out the window and sniff the air. I think we may be in the market for a cute little indoor dog. What do you think?


Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

I can't express to you the puppy envy I have at this very moment! I want a YORKIE.. so badly.. and I want THAT ONE!! Oh.. my.. and her name is Sadie.. be~still my heart. You had me at the nose lick!

fiberdoodles said...

She is just ADORABLE! We so love our little yorkie Max! So much excitement when we come home; always happy to see us and he just loves to follow me around. Oh yes, I can't imagine our home or life without him. He wants to play with Sadie ;0)

wendy said...

cute doggie indeed
If I had one of those here It would have to be inside ONLY as a hawk would probably pick it up and fly away

love the new baby goats!!

tammy said...

Adorable! Little indoor dogs are the best. He looks about the size of my Maltese.