Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Sun

After an unusually rainy spring we have FINALLY gotten a few nice days. The kids have had so much fun playing out in the sun. The boys love to take off their shirts and act like manly men!

My kids love the jump on the tampoline with the sprinkler under it or hang the sprinkler from the basket ball hoop and run through it. One of these years we are going to have to get them a swimming pool.
Looking forward to many more days like these this summer. There is just something about soaking up some vitamin D. Happy Summer to you all!


Connie said...

FINALLY! Sunshine, it does the soul good.

By the way, cute kids!!!!!

Amy said...

Bring on the Vitamin D.. and the sunblock! Enjoy it!

wendy said...

I love taking off my shirt too (tee,hee) We are STILL getting rain and cloudy days. I. Am. So. Over. It.
It is fun to see the kids having so much fun outside.