Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May Flowers

This is my absolute favorite tree in our yard. It is called a Hawthorne Tree and it is so darn adorable. In the spring it blooms these adorable little pink and white flowers. This tree makes me smile everytime I look out the kitchen window. I like to think that fairies live in this cute little tree. Don't they just make you smile?

This tree is only a couple years old, so it is still quite small. I can't wait for it to get larger and full of even more flowers.


Mandy said...

I love the tree. We have a crab apple tree that is in full bloom now that I can't get enough of. I have to smell it everytime I go outside. If you want to see pics go to my personal blog at

fiberdoodles said...

It is just beautiful! I love it!!

tammy said...

That is gorgeous!