Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Fair 2010

(My slide show wasn't working, so I had to remove it, hopefully that should fix the problem with this post)

Well, we made it through our first pygmy goat show of the year. It was a long 4 days but we also had lots of fun and learned lots of good info on our goats.

This is me in the Adult Showmanship on Friday morning. I was VERY nervous, as I have only done this class one other time, and am fairly new to the open class shows. You have to show your animal a certain way, turn the right way and answer questions about the breed. It is nerve wracking for me for some reason. I did learn a lot so that I can teach my kids the right way to show. I did get last place everyday, but I learned something new each class I was in.

This is Katrina, a girl in our 4-H group, with her little baby goat Ivy. Ivy was tired of showing and decided it was time to take a rest. It was so cute.

Here is Logan in the Jr. Showmanship class. They have to do all the things I have to in showmanship, but the judge is much more lenient.

Addison waiting her turn. Sorry for the crazy eyes, I had to use my flash and it made all our eyes go funky.

Hope you enjoyed our trip to the fair.


tammy said...

How fun. Cute little goat.

Amy said...

Cool... I can leave a comment now.. for some reason yesterday it wouldn't let me. Also.. your slideshow pics are missing. The other pics are great. Everyone seems to have a very nervous expression.. like deer in head lights.. lol.. Are the judges that harsh? What did the goats think about all those other goats? Sounds like a fun weekend!

Megan said...

Good for you for entering in a competition too! Looks like it was another fun fair weekend.