Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blind Chicken

So, funny story. I bought 8 baby chicks back in November so I could get more eggs to sell. I have been feeding all these chickens for 5 months just waiting for the day when they would start laying. Well it is now April and no one is laying any eggs because ALL seven are roosters. We lost one to the neighbors dog a few months ago. I came home from the fair to lots of crowing out in the pasture. Can you believe my luck! So now we are going to have to butcher them and stick them in the freezer. Not a job I am looking forward too, but it must be done.

What does that have to do with the title of this post you are wondering? Well I figured out that one of those roosters is blind.

Can you see his eye is milky colored? I found him with his head buried under the goats hay feeder and another rooster picking on him. Poor thing. He is not totally blind, but enough that he has a hard time getting food, and doesn't weigh much.

I have to go out three times a day to feed and water him. He has to feel the bowl with his beak and then he can eat and drink. He is very tame and lets me carry him around like a baby. I am thinking of calling him Leroy, but I am probably going to regret naming him.

Poor guy is hanging out in my horse trailer for now. When the weather is decent he does come out in the back yard and wanders around. He seems do be doing well and putting on some weight. Have any of you ever heard of a blind chicken? I think I need to do some research.


Ms. Bake-it said...

I wish you were not on the opposite side of the country from my aunt because she would take Leroy in a heartbeat!

~ Tracy

Connie said...

Ok, naming him was not a good idea. I can hear the kids now, "What's for dinner?," and you saying 'Leroy'. OOOOOH, not good.

Logan will never eat chicken nuggets again.

Amy said...

You see.. I would already have them ALL named. I'm weird like that.. I get very attached. I've even got a baby robin named in the nest under my deck.. yep.. loopy. Blind chicken.. ah.. poor baby.. thank goodness you can protect him... mean old chickens pick'n on the weak on.. urrggg...

tammy said...

I'm just like Amy, and my kids would be even worse. We get attached to everything.

wendy said...

Oh dear..a blind chicken.
There has to be a joke in there somewhere.

Tomorrow we are going to an animal auction called weird and different animals. I have fallen in love with you pygmy goats and want some.

Megan said...

Your mom's comment cracked me up! All of them ending up being roosters sounds like something that would happen to me. Taking care of the blind rooster is going to get you attached, good luck with him!