Monday, March 8, 2010

Kittens and Puppies Personality

I had to spend a lot of time and energy (Hubby helped) this weekend locking down my site from a family member, because they were taking pictures from site and posting negative things about me, my parents, and my family. Hence the new picture warnings on my blog. I feel bad for people who are so caught up in being negative that that is how they see the whole world. My life is far from perfect, but I choose to share the best of what my life has to offer. I am grateful for all that I have and try and let that show through what I choose to post on my blog. I am sure none of you want to hear about me yelling at my kids, getting impatient with my Husband, or having a bad bout of PMS.
I have been uplifted by so many wonderful women on blog land, that I too want to contribute in a positive way. I hope you all enjoy what I put out there. If you don't, then please, please, please keep it to yourself.
I admit to being a kitten and puppy kind of person and don't like to let myself stay down in the pit of life. There are too many wonderful things to enjoy in this life. I hope you will join me on the positive train and focus on creating love, beauty, joy and kindness. Those are the things of God and I hope to stay on that side. Anyway, enough fussing, lets get back to the good life has to offer around the farm. Thanks for listening.


Connie said...

Great Job, I couldn't have said it better myself.

To anyone out there who has never had trials, challenges, heartache, pain, or illness please step forward. Anyone? Anyone?
It is how we handle these trials that makes us strong. Dwelling in self pity only drags you down further.

I love and honor you Maria. You show everyday how to be a righteous daughter of God by being gracious, kind, giving, loving, patient, and every other good and holy trait.


Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

Shame on them!! What the heck is wrong with people. I never see YOU mention anything bad about anybody. Oh well, I'm glad you and hubby got it secured. I LOVE your blog! And your fabulous mama's blog too!
Love the picture of the kitty and puppy. I think the love of puppies and kitties could be because you know they all grow up to fast.

wendy said...

last summer I had someone leave a real nasty, hurtful comment on one of my posts.
I was so shaken by it

I do not know why some people have to be so "nasty".
It is so much easier -----------to be nice and be kind.

I do not have thick skin for that kind of thing.

Tami said...

What the H?? Maria that is awful. I love you and your blog and could not live without it.

Amy said...

Oh honey..I'm so sorry this has happened. We all have "issues" some of us choose to share them, while some of us choose to keep them personal. It is so sad that a family member would do such a thing. We open ourselves up on our blogs, and we can easily fall victim to such evilness. I'm so glad you've your moving forward. Life is here to enjoy, so chin up, and don't be a stranger.. K?

McCleary Mama said...

I had a similiar thing happen to me with a family member, except they took the picture and reported me to CPS. It was a picture of Ashley as a baby eating her very first sucker from Papa. Yep, and CPS showed up at my door.
I'm very careful about what I post, a little gun shy. So I completely understand. It's a shame that people have nothing better to do with their lives!
p.s. the sounds on your blog are wonderful, but they make me have to pee a little! =)

tammy said...

Sorry you had to deal with that. Why can't some people just let other people be?

Skeem's said...

That is crazy! I love reading your blog, and always feel uplifted!

Kristin said...

Hang in there! Way to stay positive, I love the things you share here, great recipes and a positive glimpse into your life, some things us city folks miss out on!