Monday, December 14, 2009

Sugar Plum Fairy!

Addison had her first ballet dance recital Saturday, and looked adorable. She was so prepared and new all of her moves. I have never seen her so excited about anything before.
She even let me do this hard hairdo so she looked extra special. I got the idea here. But, I must admit that the only way I got her to do the hairdo was because she was going to get to wear makeup! That did the trick with my girly girl.

I had Mom's stopping me the whole time at the recital asking me how I did her hair. I told them "hair blogs" and they looked at me like I was crazy. They had never heard of such a thing. Imagine that!

Addison did such a great job! She new all of her moves and was even helping the other girls during the dance. She looked beautiful! I see principal dancer in her future! I am amazed at the passion she has for dancing. She has loved it for as long as I can remember.

She loved getting her "pink" flowers for her performance! It was a very special day for her.


Amy said...

Excuse me Maria.. while I send a little message to your girly, girl.

Addison.. you looked so beautiful!! l love your dress, your mom did such a wonderful job with your hair.. it is lovely, dainty, and you look like a true ballerina.

Maria.. you tree is so pretty, love the train... oh and I can see a peek at a little nativity... so cute.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Addison looks just lovely! Her hair is so pretty (I didn't know there were hair blogs but I suppose there's a blog for just about everything these days). That first picture is just beautiful! Love the tree!


Together We Save said...

I love the hair!! Great job!! She is beautiful. I love your header, btw, I am new to your blog. It is awesome!!

Boyd Family said...

Addison, I'm glad your recital went so well. You look just like a true ballerina! I'm glad you guys got some pictures.
Love you!
Aunt Makell
I don't know if I could get my girls to sit still long enough to do their hair like that, but I do love it!

Megan said...

Congrats Addison on your recital! You look so beautiful!