Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Nativity

Last Sunday we had our social at Church that included a yummy dinner of ham and company potatoes, but also the all important Nativity play. Addison and Logan both participated and were so cute.
Addison was the Angel from heaven to bring glad tidings of great joy.
Logan was a lowly shepherd boy! Looks pretty happy for a shepherd.
After the social we found out we were locked out of our house because the power went out, so we trudged back to the church and watched the Christmas Devotional. By the time it was over the power was back on and we went home very grateful for our home, heat, and especially electricity. Here is a video of one of the beautiful songs that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang. It was amazing!


Amy said...

They look so cute! Love the costumes... Logan looks so excited. That Choir is AMAZING.. the music is beautiful.. Lurv it!

tammy said...

Cute little angel and shepherd. And I never get tired of ham and those potatoes, although we call them church potatoes - lol.