Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Traditions

For our Christmas eve traditions, we are pretty low key. We trade off years between families so we can stay home on Christmas eve. We have a simple dinner, this year we had lasagna.

We write our letters to Santa!
The kids leave them in their stockings, so Santa won't miss them.
We watch one of our favorite Christmas movies. It is a movie staring Jimmy Stewart. It has such a wonderful message. We love it!
We then read from Luke 2 and a few other Christmas stories. Then we each get to open one gift. It just so happens that that one gift is a new pair of pj's. We love getting new one each year.

And finally we put out the cookies and milk for Santa to come. The kiddies head off to sugar plum land and Mommy and Daddy finish up any final preparations. This year we started watching A Christmas Story and were so worn out by the day that we fell asleep and woke up at the end of the movie. It was kind of funny!
We love to leave the cookies and milk with the nativity, so Santa won't miss the best part of Christmas. This is one of the nativities that I have. This is the one for the kids, from Little People. What do you do for Christmas Eve.


Amy said...

So cute.. all of it... writing letters, putting them in the stockings, new pj's, AND falling asleep during the movie. Mmmm.. Santa got some really yummy goodies at your house.

tammy said...

We usually have the in-laws over, but this year we went to their house for clam chowder and watching A Christmas Story and Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas. Love those movies.

Megan said...

Cute! I love your stockings holder. Merry Christmas!

Christine said...

My kids love Mr. Kruger's Christmas. They watch it throughout the year too, which is surprising to me. Looks like a wonderful Christmas.

SimplySueSue said...

Well, here it is 2012 and I just stumbled upon your blog! Hope you see this comment! I absolutely love the framed pic of the draft horses plowing in the background, also love the pic of Jesus you said was one of your favorites! Can you please share where you got these pictures? Would love to search the net for them. Thanks so much!