Saturday, November 14, 2009

Girls Hairbow Craft

These are the clips I made up to sell on the bow holders for the bazaar.
You will need:
Silk or paper flowers, from your local craft store
Embellishments-brads, jewels, buttons, etc.
Metal Hair clips(I found mine at Walmart)
Hot glue gun

Glue the ribbon all around the outside and inside of the clip. The ribbon will help hold the clip in place better, and look more decorative.

Next, take apart the flower and add embellishment. I took the flowers apart because they had a better shape when held together with a brad, and it was easier to glue to the clip when I didn't have to fight that green plastic on the bottom. Glue the flower on to the top of the clip and you are ready to go!

Here are a bunch of the clips that I made up to put on the bow holders. You can be as creative as you would like. My next project is to learn how to crochet flowers for hair clips. I found a great tutorial on those over at Little Birdy Secrets, another of my favorite blogs!

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Amy said...

Very Cute Maria! My girl needs one of these in orange for Thanksgiving..thanks for the idea!