Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Boys are fun!

I am always amazed at how different my boys are from their sister. They just do the funniest things, like biting things, ripping papers apart, and trying to figure out how EVERYTHING works.

This little boy LOVES, and I mean LOVES trucks. He will play with them for hours. He plays with them on the furniture, in the car and on our arms and legs. He will even have fit if you move your leg that he is driving on. He also loves to be right where we are, as you can tell from the picture. Hubby is trying to do the dishes and Landon is right behind him with a loader. All sorts of car noises comes out of this kid.
Then he realizes that I have the camera and must come and see just how cute he is. I have humble kids, can ya tell?
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Amy said...

He's a cutie alright!!

Connie said...

Ok, that does it, he needs to come to grandma and grandpa's house. Bring him down right now.

fiberdoodles said...

He is too cute! My godson loves cars and trucks and could name all of them at the age of 3. I made him a quilt with his "power trucks" on it and he just loved it. I have two girls so I missed some of the fun and settled for "drama" lol.

Tami Anderson said...

I always wished for five sons when I was growing up. I guess the Lord knows I could only handle two girls!