Friday, September 18, 2009

Lost My Baby to Drill Team

This is my girl and her partner Lyska (her babysitter), in her first performance with the high school drill team. For one week they teach all the little girls a dance and perform it at halftime of the football game. Addison had so much fun doing this. She practiced everyday this week and learned this dance. They had so much fun together.

*Addison is in the very back on the right side(with the dark hair).

I was amazed at how she did with the routine. It was so cute to see her whip her hair and move her arms. She was so cute. She already said that she wants to do it again next year! I have a feeling she is going to ask for a cheer leading skirt for next years performance! We were so proud of her. She did great!


Amy said...

She's a natural.. great job Addison!!

Natasha said...

Oh my my her daddy better be ready! She will be that chearleader up there in a few years. She did do great! Give her a hug for me.

Shady Creek Lane said...

I can't figure out why my comment didn't come through.
Anyways, she did an awesome job, such a natural. Dance/Drill team is certainly in her future. Get ready for $$$$ to go out the door right and left.

Also, the first picture is still not coming through. I even went to your blog via someone else who has a link to your blog and no picture.

Great Job ADDISON!!!!!

Megan said...

Wow, that makes her look so grown up! She did a great job!