Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Falling asleep at 6:30pm

Well it is week two of the kiddos going back to public school, and I'm wiped. I had a meltdown last night (a real honest to goodness temper tantrum). If I hadn't been too tired to get up, I would have thrown myself on the floor kicking and screaming like a 2 year old! If I had done that I think my hubby would have checked me into the loony bin! I could go to bed right not and sleep til morning, and it's only 6:30 pm! Now that is just sad!

I would love to go to bed but there is always a list a mile long to complete, dishes, phone calls, animals to feed, soccer games to go to, church activities, homework to complete, diapers to change, dinners to make, lunches to pack, and the NEVER ending loads of laundry to fold! Oh, and my bathroom is getting pretty gnarly too. When am I going to clean it? I have no idea. Anyone got a cleaning fairy handy?

I don't mean to be such a whiner, but dang I'm tired. I wish soccer season was over and the kids have only had one game each! Yikes, I have another month and a half to go! Good grief Charlie Brown!

It is great that we are on a good schedule, and there have not been any major disasters, it is just a lot. With home school there is a different kind of stress. I think I have driven my suburban more in the last week and a half than I have driven it since we bought the darn thing! It's a good thing I like it, because I am seeing a lot of the inside of it!

Now I am going to stop whining and go make a quick cup of tea to rejuvenate me. Just when I think I am going to loose it Landon runs by me pushing a baby toy as fast as he can and I smile and remember that they are the ones I do all this for. Tired or not I think I can live with that! Who can resist a face like this anyway!


Natasha said...

Oh I'm with ya sista! I'm not looking forward to having both kids in sports this year. Take a time out for mommy. That seems to help me a ton.

Rainy Day Farm said...

When do I take time for mommy? There is no time left! Yikes, what have I done!

Amy said...

Girl I so know how you feel. I really mean it. I am feeling so much stress right now from just about all the things you listed minus the diapers. I will say one thing, once you establish a routine, it does get easier. For me, once soccer season is over, our schedule sure does get a lot less hectic.

Take care! Drink 2 cups of tea!

Beth said...

I know exactly how you feel. I have gone to bed BEFORE 8 pm a few nights this week! Just take a deep breath and take a little time for yourself. Even if it's nothing but a bubble bath, reading a few pages in a book, or going for a walk.

Cara said...

Hugs mama, I know exactly how you feel:) I'm taking a mommy time out tonight, and going to a Taste of Home Cooking School in town!

Just know that you are not alone:)


Tammy said...

Honeys, I hate to tell oldest will soon be 23 and the youngest just turned 16...and I still have days like that. I remember thinking as a young mom, "I can't wait until ALL the kids are in school all day and I have time to myself." That day has not come yet! Hang in there. Some days you just HAVE to give up, go to bed and start over tomorrow fresh! I'm sure Hubby can take the reins for an evening.

Shady Creek Lane said...

I know exactly how you are feeling. Don't berate yourself for the things you didn't get to, praise yourself for what you did get accomplised. Then give yourself permission to take a nap, the world won't stop, your family will survive.

Rainy Day Farm said...

You guys are so awesome. I so needed to hear from each and every one of you! You lifted my spirits and made me cry! In a good way! I am so glad that I am not alone in crazyland! God really must be behind blogs,because I would never have met all you great ladies! Thanks so much!

Peg @ Bloomfield Farm said...

Been there... felt like that! But now my children are all grown up and gone. It's peaceful but a bit lonely. You're survive! What's that country song... you're gonna miss this! Yes, you are!