Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back to School

Well, after much prayer, discussion and thought our munchkins are going back into the public school system. I have struggled with this choice for many months now and did not come to this decision easily. But because of family circumstances it has become necessary for me to go to work for Hubby and put the kids in school.

The school supplies are purchased, the new clothes are hanging in the closet and lunch boxes are ready to be packed. The kids are excited about this new experience despite my fears. I think I am more nervous than they are. I just hope I don't cry on the first day of school!

I thought I had better head out to blog land and see what other mom's do to make the busy schedules easier. I have been wowed by many moms out there. One great idea is a Lunch Box, not the Hello Kitty or Superman kind. A lunch prep box for moms. Put all the items needed for making lunches in one box and you same tons of time. Not to mention kids will know it is hands off!

I know you all love Just a Girl and her amazing organization skills. She has been working on her Mud Room all summer and it is a stunner. I was planning on giving my mud room a sprucing up this week, but ended up getting a really nasty cold instead. But, I do have big plans, and I will show them off when I get a chance to do them.

Who can forget Tip Junkie and all her wonderful ideas for all us crazy moms. She had a bunch of really great creative lunch ideas. Some of them I would never attempt, but others looked fun. We'll see what the new year brings.

We shall see what the first day brings. Do you have any great ideas for me? First day of school traditions, organization ideas, scheduling mantras, etc. Let me know!


Amy said...

Tips? Well lets see...

The night before we get clothes, socks, shoes & hair accessories all ready. (no running around looking for lost items in the morning) After homework we keep back packs by the door, along with any other items that may be needed for the next day. (like guitar for lessons, athletic bag for soccer, etc) My kids eat lunch provided at school, but when they do need to pack, I always make lunches the night before. I set the breakfast table the night before also. All these things make our mornings SO MUCH smoother.

I always take a "back to school" picture the morning of their first day... that is tradition. I also have a special treat such as a cake, cookies, etc. when they come home.

We always do homework right after school. All written work is completed before dinner, and practices. All studying happens before bed. (so it stays in the brain.. LOL)

I hope your babies transition back to school just fine. I almost think it's harder on us mom's than anyone else.

tammy said...

Hope your kids have a good year!

Teresa said...

I just learned a tip that has me smacking my head like a V-8 commercial that I never thought of it before. Take two loaves of bread and make all the PB&J (or PB & honey) sandwiches you can and freeze them. In the morning, they just grab a sandwich then hit the "School Lunch cupboard" and they are good to go.
Of course, now one child doesn't like sandwiches, so now she alternates between a smoothie (in a GREAT thermos I got at Costco--really keeps it cold) or ravioli (still on the hunt for a better bowl-style thermos that doesn't cost $20!). Those are my tips.
I am sad to see you had to give up home schooling! You really seemed to enjoy it and do a fantastic job with it.
Good luck on your new adventure!