Friday, August 28, 2009

What did we do today?

What could possibly be worth going into things like this?
All those thorns can be very nasty, but well worth the pain...

...for these little black beauties!

Yep! Those are true blue Washington (full-thorn) blackberries! Most people view them as a noxious weed, and sometimes they can be, but these are my favorite berry in the world. Every year we head out as a family with all the large bowls our house holds. We pick until we can't pick anymore!

Landon was our taste tester. He almost dumped the whole bowl over. About gave his parents a heart attack. We worked hard for that big bowl.

Logan was in charge of the clippers. Removing any branches that kept us from the prize.

Addison's nickname is "the berry picker" and lives up to her name. The only problem is that she eats then faster than she saves them!

Hubby in the middle of a good patch. The best ones always seem to be just out of reach. Another problem with blackberries.
After we got home I washed them and tucked them away in the freezer for a cold winter day to pull out and make jam or even a yummy crisp or pie! I promise to post a great recipe for those!


Shady Creek Lane said...

Yummmmmmm, make a pie, make a pie.
Then get in the car and come to my house, I will provide the ice cream. Please, Please, Please...

Amy said...

Oh how fun. I haven't been berry pick'n in a while. What a great treat they will be to pull out later. mmmmm

Megan said...

yum! We would really be missing our blackberry bushes in our old house but thankfully there are tons at the park a block away! Picking berries is one of our favorites!