Sunday, July 26, 2009

Elephant Ears, Animals & Ribbons Oh My!

Well we got through another fair this weekend. We had lots of fun despite the heat. It was a lot of fun and Logan did great. He even got a champion ribbon with Royce. He learned a lot and it was a lot of fun for he and I to hang out together.
We can't go to the fair with dirty goats, so baths and trimming were in order. This is a workout and a half. These little guys are a lot stronger that they look, and my back hurt all night after doing the baths. Little miss Pearl was the hardest one of all, despite her petite size. I am sure the neighbors thought we were torturing her from all her cries. Notice I am almost as wet at the goat.
Logan all ready for the fair to begin. These were his two stalls all decorated and ready to go. Doesn't he look adorable in his little wranglers and his cowboy belt?

Katrina, Kaya, & Logan going the circle in the wether class.

Logan working the goat in the ring. He did such a good job and learned a little more with each class that he did.

Just look at that cute wrangler bum!

Logan is having his chat with the judge during one of his classes.
She was very cute with the kids.

This is our future pygmy goat shower. Landon loved walking
around the barn chatting with all the goats.

Addison didn't do the fair this year, but came for the last day and hung out with her friend Kaya! The two princesses had lots of fun.

Not only do the kids show their animals, but they also get to do a costume contest. It is a riot to dress the animals up in funny costumes and torture them. This year Logan went as a pirate and since the goats name is "Black Pearl" we thought it was fitting to be a pirate girl. She was very embarrassed to have to wear the hat. I don't think she is a hat goat. The kids did a little parade around the fair grounds and were instant celebrities!

This is Logan with a sheep and a wool vest in the Lad's class of the Lad's & Lassie's. They participated in this class with their friend Kaya. I was about 91 degrees while they were doing this. Wool and 91 is not a good combo. Thank goodness they got ice cream after they were done. Yes, that is me wearing flip flops with farm animals around. I know, I am just asking to get a tape worm! What can I say it was a wee bit hot!

This is Addison having her turn in the Lassie's class. She did great with the sheep! Maybe a market lamb is in our future?
The kids were troopers even though it was so darn hot! Addison & Logan had a lot of fun hanging out with Kaya!

Does this tail make my butt look big?

Every year the club leaders like to get a little something for the kids. This year they got snugly blankets with the club name and the names of all their goats. Since Logan is always cold, this is the perfect thing for him. He loved it!

This is Logan with Katrina and Diandra, from our club. These girls are so awesome with my kids. They are so great about including them and making them feel special. They are great competitors are lots of fun to be around. I am so glad they have them for examples to watch and learn from.

At the end of a long hard weekend, this is the result. Wiped clean out! So if you want to wear your rowdy little boys out 4-H is a great way to do it! Here's to next year!


Kristin said...

Looks fun with lots of great pitures, thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

Oh wow.. looks like a lot of fun was had at the fair! Love those blankets.. very nice. My hubby just loves goats, he'd have 10 if I would let him... uh. I don't think so. I must say Logan looks mighty handsome all duded up in his wranglers and white shirt.. cutie pie! Is that a blow up hammer in the car? I don't think we have ever left a fair or festival without one of those blow ups...HA!

Shady Creek Lane said...

Wow, Logan was ever so handsome in his wranglers and white shirt with the belt buckle as the "cherry on top", or "in the middle". He is one handsome dude. Good job mom on all of your hard work and dedication to your kids and their hobbies. They are so lucky to have you as their mother.

Lisa said...

ohhh, how I miss the fair!! I used to live at the fair (my dad was asst. superintendent) for 10 days every summer. We showed horses, rabbits and then tons of indoor projects. I miss it...too bad I married into the city folk ;)

The kids look so cute!