Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camps, Fairs, and Fun! Oh My!

This is going to be a whopper of a week around

Rainy Day Farm.

My baby girl is off to her first overnight camp. She is spending the whole week with 150 other crazy girls at Girls Scout Camp! She was so excited to go...I just hope she is as excited about staying!?! We are going to miss her and I really had to hold myself together before I left her, because these kinds of things prove that they will not be little forever! Boo Hoo for me!

Don't feel too bad for me I do have munchkin #2 in the fair this week with the goats. That means decorating, setting up, wrangling and bathing 3 VERY strong goats, and hanging out at the fair for 3 days. This is him practicing with Royce on the back patio. Yes, that is goat poop on my nice patio. They kind of go as they please, but we just hose it off into the grass for great fertilizer. Or scooby snacks for Landon! Just Kidding, I hope!

Logan has been working very hard getting ready. He was a super star while we were working on his educational poster. He did all the typing, cutting, gluing and hammering. I did poke the pins in, so as not to have to deal with tons of bloody fingertips. All in the name of motherhood!

I am going to try and do all this while somehow keeping track of this little monkey mess maker! So I will sign off for the rest of the week and catch up with you next week, after I have recuperated! Maybe a spa day is in order! Wish me luck! I think I am going to need a lot of it!


Amy said...

You certainly do have a lot of tap this week. Sleep over camp is a hard one to let them do, but oh so good for them too. Love the goat.. poop and all. Hope Logan does well at the fair. As far as your monkey goes.. he looks like he has it under control. ; )

Kristin said...

Best wishes - remember you rock, you can do it! By "it" I mean anything.

Maggi said...

Fairs are so fun! And I remember going camping with the Brownies when I was a little girl!

Good luck and have fun!

fiberdoodles said...

I'm for any reason to have a spa day! I hope everyone has a great week!