Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Campfire Hypnosis

What is it about a campfire that is so mesmerizing? Is it the flames licking at the wood, the light dancing around the shadows, or the warmth that radiates from the wood that cannot be duplicated?
I love sitting around with fire with family and talking. With no electronic interference, but really having a good time as humans have for millions of years. A campfire just makes you want to round up a stick and roast something. This hot dog would not taste the same boiled on the stove (YUK!!), or nuked in the microwave (double yuk). Roasted over and open fire is the finest way to roast a hot dog.
And who can forget the smore. It is a camping staple in our family. You can't resist that oooy goooy yumminess. It is messy and oh so rich. One is usually all it takes for me.

For some reason I love fire, as in warm comfort, not burning things down. I grew up with a wood stove as the main source of heat and loved standing next to the stove on cold days. Our wood stove was in the corner of the living room and there was the perfect spot to stand next to it and warm our chilled bodies. Of course it was the favorite spot and all 4 of us kids would fight over it, as kids do. I always enjoyed the warm cozy feeling that was in our home from that old wood stove. I don't care for the forced air swirling around me now. It always feels a little cold, unless you crank it and also crank your electric bill.

Don't you just want to have a cup of cocoa and read a good book in that chair with a blanket over your legs. As it is drizzling and gray outside today, I long for a fire to warm me through. So here is to cozy warmth, whether it be around the campfire or a pot bellied stove, enjoy! Now I am off to fold 150 loads of laundry and dream of the campfire!


Amy said...

We have a blast around our firepit. We are waiting for it to dry out enough to have our first "lighting" of the season. Our favorites are hot dogs and s'mores too. Of course when my son was in scouts, we cooked a whole bunch of food over campfire. Great memories.

Tammy said...

We had our first campfire of the season last Friday, 05/08. The occasion was Lindsay's softball team dinner at our house. Here in the 'burbs, hardly anyone has experieced a campfire. At least not in their own backyard. So, we had 12 teens dancing about the fire, cooking those dee-lish hot dogs and of course s'mores! If you're a Reese's PB Cup kinda girl, like myself, try those on your next s'more. I put some of those out with the chocolate bars and the girls declared them the best thing they ever tasted. How can you go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate?

Tammy said...

PS. That chair sitting behind the fire in your picture, looks like some big cartoon critter walked out of the woods, attracted by the fire. Cute and silly! I love it!