Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Itch

We have had a very warm February with lots of sunshine. It has been so nice and warm. All my bulbs are coming up and we have been getting the itch to plant our garden and start doing yard work. My Mother-in-law sent down some beautiful primroses for us to enjoy. They are so colorful and cheerful and you can't help but be excited for spring.

Addison was even using her new Barbie gardening tools that she got for her b-day from Aunt Randy and Uncle Dustin! She loved them, because they were pink of course!
My kids love to plant flowers so I the little whippersnappers loose. I only helped push the plants into the ground and they did the rest. They have been planting flowers with me for several years now and this year they are really getting the hang if it.

Ok, who am I kidding, I admit they are finally starting to do things to please my type A personality of straight lines and even numbers. They did such a great job. They even alternated the colored and whites. Have I taught them well or what?

Landon was our audience cheering us on. Actually he only watched the dog and cat and squealed at them whenever they came by. He gets so excited whenever there are animals around.

In yard work tradition our cat, Bob, had to be in the middle of it all being quite the pest. His favorite thing to do is hide in a plant and when we come by to weed or trim the plants he jumps out at us like a cougar. Scares the dickens out of us every time. See, he is about to pounce on Addison! He is such a wild thing.


Amy said...

Lucky! Ours has been VERY cold, and wet! Glad you are out enjoying it with your family. Pretty flowers, precious children.

Connie said...

OOOOOOHHHHH! They are such good little "gardeners". They live up to their name. That makes me want to go and dig in the dirt. (except it is probably more mud than dirt right now)
Good job mom for teaching them well!!!! Even Landon can catch a few pointers for the years to come.

Megan said...

Looks like a lot of fun at your house lately with homemade bread, crafts and gardening! Your kids look adorable out in the garden, mine scowl and whine when they get asked to help in the yard (except Evan!)