Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trunk or Treat/Carnival

We had so much fun at the trunk or treat, we ate chili, played games, and came home with a ton of candy.

Addison planned on being a witch, but ended up having a wardrobe malfunction (the non-Janet Jackson kind, thankfully) with her skirt. So after the Halloween party she decided to be a cowgirl with mommy. She looks ready for the rodeo.

Is this an excited child or what. Robb and I had not even gotten in the house and she had the candy dumped out and was chowing down.

Logan could not contain his excitement. There was nothing but candy flashing in his eyes.

Landon,even at 7 months, new what trick or treating was all about. As I walked around with him and the kids and he saw them getting treats and started to through a fit until I handed him some candy. Yes, that is a tootsie roll hanging out of his mouth. He loved sucking on it.

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Megan and Craig said...

Hey, everyone looks great! I love Robb's costume! Glad you had a fun halloween weekend. Can't believe that baby is sucking on a tootsie roll though!