Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ready for work mom!

Landon is ALL BOY! Even at 7 months he is very interested in all boy items. When Logan is playing with his garbage truck, Landon stops in is tracks and watches. When we are at Grandma's house all the kids love to play with this construction toy. It is like a car with a screen to see, real handles to shift, really annoying sound effects that only the kids can handle listening too, and of course no volume control what so ever. It drives us adults nuts in about 30 seconds, but all the kids love it, and as you can see Landon loves it too. Look at that concentration on his face. He looks like he is ready for the real job site!


Kristin said...

So stinking cute!

Natasha said...

That was Matthew's toy. We all know why it's at grandma's now! It was so fun having you guys down last week. We need to do it more often.