Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our new baby!

I know what you're thinking? The math does not add up to have another baby. Landon is only 8 months old, how would we be able to have another baby. You never know about the medical miracles out there! Just "kid"ing! Get it? HaHaHa I crack myself up! We got a new baby goat!

Is that just dadgum cutest face you ever saw? Don't you just want to kiss her! Her name is Pearl and she is our newest pygmy goat. She is so much fun and did I mention that she is cute? She follows us around like she is a dog, and even makes sure to go potty in the grass, unlike our other two boys who poo where they stand, sometimes right on your foot. You don't want to wear flip-flops around those two.

Addison & Logan think she is the sweetest thing ever. Logan came in the other day and told me that Pearl loves him best. Is that so cute or what!

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Megan and Craig said...

Pearl looks so cute. We need to meet her soon! You have quite the farm now! Love the pics of the kids at grandma's house.