Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Farm Animals!

With the nice weather we have had the past couple days (yes they are numbered, October in Washington) we let the animal out in the back by the garden. It turned into a zoo, no pun intended, because the goats and chickens never want to stay in the back, they have to go around and poop on the driveway, much to Robb's chagrin. So the kids and I end up chasing them all over. Then Fred decides he wants an apple for a snack and rips off a whole branch.

The goats love to rub on my sad little apple trees like they are muscular beasts to be reckoned with. Then they moved on to the raspberries and fought over those for a few minutes, like there are not enough to go around, the row is about 10 ft. long but they have to eat on the exact same leaf! Then they found the carrots and thought they had died and gone to pygmy goat heaven.

We got two new chickens from my Brother and they think they have been transported to chicken heaven themselves. They were running around eating everything in site. They thought scratching through Fred's (the horse) poo was the highlight of their new home. I've never seen chickens move so fast.
Yes with all these animals we have an above average amount of poo around our house. It can't be helped, it is part of our existence. As you can imagine we have lots of outdoor shoes, and going barefoot is strictly forbidden around here. I am not the kind of mom who cleans poop off bare feet. You are on your own for that one!

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