Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Didn't we just do this three weeks ago?

In the recent econimic downturn, which all elected officials are denying is even occuring like if they say that we won't notice, we are trying many different ways to cut back and save money. One of the least of my favorite cutbacks is Mommy Barber Shop. The only reason I agree to do this is because it peeves me even more to see hair growing over my boys ears. Inside is fine, but not over the ears, just kidding. I really believe that when I am the main beautician their hair magically grows twice as fast. It seems like I cut thier hair and then those stealthy little hairs creep over the ear tops.

Landon is quite the experience. The little munchkin has had 6 haircuts in 6 months! What kind of mutant hair gene do we have in this family? I think I should send this information into Guiness Book Of World Records! I am sure there must be a catagory for the most baby hair cuts. Don't you think? They have the man who unfastenes the most bra's in one minute (yuck!!!), and worlds longest finger nails (double yuck), so why wouldn't they have the most baby haircuts?
Way off subject, sorry. Anyway, have you ever tried to cut the hair of a 6 month old? With his poison drool and grapling hook hands, it is no small feat, and the faint of heart need not apply. We managed to get the greatest portion of the hair cut, but don't look to close. In order to get this done, you just buzz, remove cord from spidey hand, buzz some more, remove hair from poison drool mouth, buzz the stray hairs, and carefully carry to the bathroom and hose him down to remove excess hair. Rinse, lather, repeat. Oh, and don't forget the mini fire hose.
Logan is a piece of cake. Buzz, buzz, buzz, shower, and your out!

Robb, on the other hand is more work than the other two combined! There is a series of gaurds, exact measurments, and a couple of UUOOO's and WWOOOOPPPP's. Followed by "what the......!!!!!" and "Did you put the gaurd on?" or "What size is that guard."

So after dodging hands, having my kitchen look like a small brown animal blew up on my kitchen floor,and sweating bullets like a bomb squad member I managed to get it all done for another 3 weeks.


Whitney Keith said...

That is too funny! I can totally picture this! Well, maybe you should have Robb try to cut your hair? Never mind that might not turn out so good!! lol :)

Megan and Craig said...

I can't believe you keep cutting Landon's hair. I am dreading when I have to cut Micah's cute curls off! Craig absolutely hates spending money on haircuts so he does his own too!